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Know thy customer - what security concerns Kiwis are most worried about

The 2018 Unisys Security Index New Zealand report hints that New Zealanders aren’t as concerned about security issues as they used to be – but that doesn’t mean there is nothing to worry about.

Data security issues such as identity theft, bank fraud, viruses and hacking are more of a concern than natural disasters or terrorism, according to those polled in the report.

With all of these concerns in mind, New Zealanders are comfortable using their digital identity to interact with government – although they are sceptical about handing it over to commercial or financial organisations.

“While New Zealanders experienced a relatively calm year in terms of politics and natural disasters, local and global data breaches dominated media headlines and impacted many of us personally – so data security is top of mind,” says Unisys Asia Pacific vice president of commercial industries, Andrew Whelan.

Regardless of what sector your business operates in, customers need to be able to trust the organisations they deal with. Understanding what New Zealanders need from your organisation and the security issues they are concerned about should be a priority for your business.

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