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Is your company ready for a disaster?

Disaster Recovery, a topic many of us have heard of, yet few think about. Management, executives and business owners would agree this is an investment in time and resources which may never actually be used. So why plan for the improbable?

Natural disasters, cyber-attacks, human error or disrupted site access may impact your ability to conduct business. There is little doubt that disaster recovery, or business continuity, is a requirement for almost all businesses.

Our reliance on IT systems has made a solid, repeatable and tested business continuity plan even more critical. A recent survey performed by Gartner found approximately 80% of respondents had an incident in the past two years that required the use of an IT disaster recovery plan.

No one doubts the importance of a Disaster Recovery Plan, in fact, many enterprises and government organisations will not transact with partners that do not have a business continuity service. The goal of a disaster recovery plan is to minimize the costs resulting from losses of, or damage to, the resources or capabilities of your IT facilities.

Business continuity is not a single product, but more a cyclical process. And for this process to be effective, it needs to be reviewed, evaluated and updated annually for the best result. Additionally, it needs to be reviewed if there are new changes introduced, significant personnel adjustments, IT upgrades or if the business priorities alter.

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