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App to help Kiwi youth turns to PledgeMe

Be Intent Youth is an online application that’s being dubbed as a ‘positive education, technology toolbox’, that addresses serious issues facing youth today such as mental illness, and helps young people 'flourish’.

It has the same principles of Be Intent - including mental well-being and mindfulness. The original Be Intent can be used as a personal or business service and is designed to help individuals get more out of their life and to help businesses boost productivity.

Be Intent Youth is launching on PledgeMe today, March 31st, at 6pm.

The funds raised through the equity crowdfunding campaign will enable the New Zealand based company to roll out their global technology youth tools.

“Be Intent Youth is a project that affects the whole community and exists because the founders want to create social change,” says Sarah Rennie, Be Intent Youth CEO.

“We want to get as much awareness as we can, both as a potent youth solution and also financially, so we can achieve global success as quickly as possible!”

Rennie says BE Intent Youth are looking to raise between $150,000 and $600,000 (just over 11% of the company) so they could put it to work to help youth with social issues, bullying and positive education.

“The funding will be focussed on being able to roll out the BE Intent Youth tool across NZ, Australia, USA and India over the next two years.

“Investors will get shares at the beginning of the growth phase of a global tech company.

“Pledgers will also be able to nominate a school of their choice to receive a discount on its technology.

“This means there is not only the opportunity for financial return, but to be part of social change to help address key issues for youth which helps to support them to reach their full potential,” she says.

PledgeMe CEO Anna Guenther says BE intent Youth is an ‘awesome’ social enterprise.

“BE Intent Youth are really trying to change the face of the mental health of young New Zealanders. We’re proud to be supporting them so they can roll out this new product,” Guenther says.

"We love that Be Intent Youth is using technology to enhance community instead of replacing it - just like us. And, it's being driven by two amazing women."