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Boomi and Fujitsu ally to provide integrated data, applications and devices

17 Oct 2019

Boomi, a Dell Technologies business, today announced a new alliance with Fujitsu Australia Limited to provide Australian and New Zealand (A/NZ) enterprises and government organisations with fully-integrated business applications and professional services to accelerate business outcomes.

The agreement – the first of its kind between the two companies – will see Boomi’s fully-scalable, cloud-native integration capabilities added to Fujitsu’s stable of data and applications solutions.

This will provide A/NZ customers with business solutions that can be integrated and cost-effectively, thereby reducing development, testing and production timeframes and accelerating the return on investment (ROI) from new services.

“Organisations across most industries are finding their tech environments are becoming increasingly complex and outdated. This is slowing their ability to introduce advanced technologies, let alone convert huge volumes of data into meaningful decision-making to advance their businesses,” says Dell Boomi APJ solutions consulting director David Irecki.

“By adding the Boomi platform to the Fujitsu business applications portfolio, we are removing technical debt so that Australian companies have access to accurate and reliable data that can be used to accelerate business outcomes.

“It may be as simple as ditching menial manual processes or leveraging Internet of Things devices to enable new services. The opportunity that data creates can’t be understated, especially when you consider that data adds AU$2.5 trillion to the world’s seven richest economies.”

Fujitsu is a full-service provider of ICT solutions, including strategic consulting through to application and infrastructure solutions and services.

Through this relationship, Boomi will leverage Fujitsu’s existing footprint in the enterprise and government sectors to continue to expand its position in A/NZ.

Since opening an office in this region in 2016, Boomi has become the integration platform of choice for organisations moving away from technical complexity to deliver business outcomes faster. Together, Fujitsu and Boomi can consult, design, build, operate and support end-to-end business solutions.

The Boomi platform is also a natural fit to support Fujitsu’s existing agreements with SAP and ServiceNow, for example, as it is designed with plug-and-play connectors for these solutions and a slew of other ERP and CRM providers.

Fujitsu Australia data and applications portfolio head Vasanth Kandaswamy saysthe organisation is working with Boomi because it is a cloud-based, low-code solution and has a strong product vision and roadmap.

“Boomi delivers an intelligent, flexible and scalable integration platform that accelerates business outcomes by making information, interactions and innovations flow faster.

“It can be deployed in a range of hybrid cloud and on-premises environments without the need for extensive coding or maintenance, unlike more traditional integration options that require additional skillsets, making them inaccessible for business users.”

Fujitsu also expects significant opportunities within key markets where Boomi holds a strong presence.

This includes government, higher education and financial services.

“Integration has become a business conversation as the value of data has skyrocketed to become a business’ most valuable resource,” says Kandaswamy.

“More than just middleware, Boomi is a business solution which plays a role in ensuring that technology transformations are successful and Boomi consistently delivers cost savings and improved efficiency by connecting various sources of data to create a holistic view of an organisation.”

As part of the alliance, Boomi and Fujitsu will also provide consulting, implementation and data analytics services to joint customers and channel partners, helping those organisations to extract the maximal potential value from their investments while accelerating go-to-market strategies.

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