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CA acquires cloud company 3Tera

01 Mar 2010

Privately-held cloud computing firm 3Tera has been picked up by CA for its AppLogic solution.

CA's recent acquisitions have included Cassatt, NetQoS and Oblicore. The move to acquire 3Tera, CA said, shows its aim to continue expanding its portfolio of solutions that manage cloud computing.

According to CA, the AppLogic solution builds cloud services and deploys “complex enterprise-class applications” to both public and private clouds using what it calls an intuitive graphical user interface.

"CIOs can use cloud computing to build and manage a new type of IT 'supply chain' across today's virtualized internal and external technology infrastructure," said Chris O'Malley, Executive Vice President of CA's Cloud Products & Solutions Business Line.

"3Tera technology is a powerful addition to the total solution CA provides for optimising these high-value supply chains-from the mainframe to the cloud."