IT Brief NZ - Fujitsu: Mastering the art of virtualisation

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Fujitsu: Mastering the art of virtualisation

A company long committed to total virtualisation, Fujitsu is mastering the art of the industry.

Ranging from servers to storage to networks, the company understands the virtual world is one of complexity and individuality, hence its insistence on tailoring solutions to a variety of business needs.

“We take time to understand our customers, gauge an idea of what they want to achieve and take them on that journey,” says Mark Hyde, solution architect, Fujitsu New Zealand.

But for Hyde, alluding to the company’s tried and tested methods, the length of the journey is entirely dependent on the customer.

“There’s no silver bullet in virtualisation,” admits Hyde, who joined the Fujitsu family in April 2008. “One thing isn’t going to fix everyone’s business problems which is why we strive to tailor our solutions to specific needs, effectively producing a solution which is right for our customers.”

Referring specifically to the New Zealand market, Hyde understands the complexity of the Kiwi industry when it comes to virtualisation, and accepts the need for flexibility in dealing with local businesses.

“NZ organisations have a lot of options available to them and we see our role as helping them to navigate to a solution that meets our customers’ needs”, Hyde adds. “Whether the best solution is cloud or on- premise, Fujitsu is geared towards helping our customers achieve the best outcomes for their business.”

“Fujitsu supports businesses who have a requirement to store their data locally but also those organisations who have reached the tipping point and would like to tap into a global platform.”

When it comes to the topic of virtualisation, according to Hyde, the aims are simple: continuity of customer assets, more efficient resource use and elimination of complexity, all predicated on the basis of greater customer value.

“It’s about leading our customers down the path to the Nirvana of software defined data centres,” Hyde adds. “We work with the idea that nothing is set in stone and we’re reaching a point where any business can be geographically moved without any business disruption.”

Alluding to the natural disaster element which often plagues New Zealand businesses, most recently in Christchurch and Wellington, Hyde acknowledges the importance of implementing such solutions to the Kiwi market,

“Given New Zealand’s tendency to have big earthquakes or volcanic eruptions being able to move workloads without impacting the customer is absolutely paramount,” he adds.

After recently being selected as VMware’s regional Service Provider Partner of the Year across the Asia-Pacific and Japan region, Hyde believes the award shows Fujitsu’s international business solutions to be among the world’s best.

Ticking the boxes of ease of doing business, engagement in the field, and the alignment of strategies around cloud in the data centre, the award is a recognition of Fujitsu’s continued strong growth and leadership in the APAC Cloud market.

Echoing Hyde’s comments, Collin Duff- Tytler, Fujitsu’s ANZ marketing programs and communications manager, was quick to add that given the global reach of the company, the level of expertise available to customers spans wider than the ANZ region.

“We’re a global organisation and our people on the ground have an enormous pool of talent to tap into if such skills aren’t available locally,” he adds. “This is especially relevant in the virtualisation market.”

A tech giant with the potential to tap into a vast array of resources on a local and global scale, Fujitsu's mainframe experience developed a mass of leading-edge server virtualisation technologies.

These are now being applied to enhance and provide open de facto server virtualisation through collaboration with the various communities and partner vendors.

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