IT Brief NZ - Psoda Storm to help Kiwi organisations strike their ideas


Psoda Storm to help Kiwi organisations strike their ideas

The Wellington cloud software firm, Psoda, is launching Psoda Storm today. Psoda Storm is the smartphone app intended to create an open and social environment for users to upload their ideas to be discussed and evaluated.

“Being able to gather and rate ideas from anyone in an organisation or community can unleash greater innovation and more creative problem solving,” says Psoda CEO Bruce Aylward.

The app itself is meant to give users control of their ideas and watch their ideas move forward productively.

It is available to any user with an email and an iOS or Android device. While the app itself was created in mind for enterprises and organisations, any user can participate in the public forums on the main homepage.

“Some of the best ideas could come from places you least expect them. Psoda Storm makes it possible for people from anywhere in an organisation, team or community to have their ideas heard and evaluated by others,” says Aylward.

Upon entering the app, users can comment on campaigns on the main thread. In addition, users can “like” the ideas of other commentators of a campaign to show their support of a particular idea.

“Psoda Storm can help uncover latent ingenuity and innovative thinking that might otherwise remain untapped, releasing ideas which can enable innovation and lead to creative solutions to problems,” says Aylward.

Campaigns have titles that allow users to understand the topic under discussion. Some campaigns ask users for input. For instance, the first campaign on the app asks users to contribute their Psoda Storm Enhancement ideas, giving users of the app a chance to improve future developments of the app itself. 

Psoda wants to replace the traditional forms of gathering ideas. According to Psoda, oftentimes, the traditional forms of gathering ideas occur in isolation with limited transparency, interactivity and few opportunities for collaboration.

He says, “Brainstorming sessions, feedback forums, public consultations, surveys and, of course, the humble suggestion box all have their limitations. Often people have little visibility of what happens to their ideas, while opportunities for the open exchange of ideas and for people to inspire each other are limited.”

"Psoda Storm is designed to enhance or substitute current methods of gathering feedback and ideas, by enabling collaboration between people from different departments, teams or groups," says Aylward.

Psoda Storm will be unveiled this week at the New Zealand Project Management Conference in Auckland, hosted by the Project Management Institute of New Zealand (PMINZ).

“Psoda Storm creates an open forum where everyone can share, comment on and discuss ideas. This both encourages original ideas to emerge, and enables the iteration of ideas, which is how they can evolve into innovative and creative solutions," says Aylward.

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