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Music creators rejoice, GarageBand just got updated
Apple is announcing a major update to GarageBand for iOS, with more creative options.
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MAPS.ME launches a new reviewing platform
MAPS.ME is a service that features offline maps and navigation for mobile devices...
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New Zealand
You can now download Te Papa’s national art collection
Te Papa has partnered with Wellington start-up Excio to offer an initial 150 images to download from the national art collection...
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Smart appliances
Ever wanted Superman-vision? WalabotDIY might deliver
“Walabot introduces a new experience to Australians who want to renovate their house..."
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Feel Good AR could teach you how to save money and the planet
Activated through an Australian, European or New Zealand currency note, the AR app has been developed by RaboDirect to engage its customers...
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ZUS lets you turn your old rust-bucket into a smart car
The ZUS Connected Car System promises that it will enhance the driving experience...
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Trend Micro
Never fear when Trend Micro is near: The new free app that protects consumers
The new free app aims to help people become aware of how many connected devices they have at home and the potential risks that they have...
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Disaster Recovery
MAPS.ME and OpenStreetMap team up to help disaster recovery and response
"A core component of HOT’s mission is to enable more people in more places to contribute to mapping the world in which they live..."
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New Qantas app helps pilots reduce carbon emissions
“It provides pilots with flight data in a very visual way, allowing them to see first hand the amount of fuel used at different stages of a flight."
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Outsource your laundry with Kiwi app, Laundromap
"Laundromap takes the hassle out of household tasks and life admin..."
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Year-old Kiwi delivery services startup is already playing with the big boys
LazyAz began as a 17-year-old's bright idea and has surged into an app taking on global brands in the delivery services and digital marketplace arena.
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The all-knowing Samsung TV can now tell you what song is playing on screen
“Smart TVs felt like a natural evolution for the Shazam experience..."
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Try on a tattoo or map out the stars: Four exciting augmented reality experiences
Whether you want to map out the sky or try on a tattoo before getting it done, there is an AR app to meet your desire...
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The new GoPro app pulls footage from your camera to create video clips automatically
“QuikStories is the simple storytelling solution our customers have been dreaming about for years..."
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Become part of the rugby match: The new app that lets you get up-close with the Vodafone Warriors
“With a flick of your thumb, you can rewind any of the eight camera angles back by 30 seconds to get a replay..."
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Kiwis, never forget your password again with the Mycena app
App developer Lookiimedia announced the release of Mycena, a new password management app for both Android and iOS devices.
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How to secure clouds, apps & data without a performance hit
Organizations are collaborating and conducting digital business globally via hybrid and multicloud, and they’re interacting over social networks.
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App rewards medication adherence with movie tickets - signs NSW health deal
Perx Health has signed a commercial agreement with Sydney Local Health District (SLHD) to test the platform with selected patients.
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Smart Home
The app-controlled pet door that ensures you know exactly what your fur-babies are doing
"This information can provide an accurate insight into your pet's well-being and help you determine what their normal behavior is."
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Snap maps or Snap stalk? New Zealand police raise concern over the app’s new feature
In an update last week Snapchat introduced a map feature that allows users track other people’s locations in real time.
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Social Networking
NYC hopes to help homeless with an app - is it enough?
With more than 62,000 homeless living in New York City, demand for shelter in the city has increased by 79 percent in the last decade.
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Netscout: How to measure availability and performance of cloud apps
“a delay of even a few seconds can be infuriating for end users and could indicate a performance issue that needs to be resolved.”
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Machine learning
Oracle announces new AI-based CX apps for commerce, marketing, sales and service professionals
Adaptive Intelligent Apps for CX are designed to help enhance existing applications within the Oracle CX Cloud Suite.
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How the evolution of containers Is changing app development
Isolation and scalability are two driving factors that keep any DevOps teams busy in today’s multi-cloud world.