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ASI Solutions
Western Australia CUA panel picks ASI as preferred supplier
Western Australia's Common User Arrangement (CUA) panel has chosen ASI Solutions as a preferred supplier for device hardware.
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TerraMaster launches its T6-423 Professional NAS with TOS 5 OS
Shenzhen-based data storage manufacturer, TerraMaster, has launched the T6-423 6-bay tower NAS.
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Hands-on review: The A500 Mini Retro Gaming Console
Retro Games, the UK outfit responsible for a range of retro gaming devices from joystick to full-sized Vic-20s and C64 emulators, have launched their A500 Mini Retro Gaming Console.
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Java's growth through Oracle provides coding for the future
At some point in your life, it is likely that you would have heard of, utilised, or even worked with Java software in your day to day life.
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Entrust secures against quantum threats with latest offerings
Entrust has announced four new solutions aimed at helping organisations prepare for the security challenges presented by quantum computers.
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Digital Transformation
Lenovo unveils TruScale High-Performance Computing as a Service
Lenovo has unveiled TruScale High-Performance Computing as a Service (HPCaaS), providing organisations with the power of supercomputing through a cloud-like experience.
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Enterprise-wide cloud and smart edge computing to lead the way in 2022
The pandemic has driven an unprecedented rate of digital migration. And in an increasingly digital-first economy, APAC organisations are leading the charge, with research revealing that 28% of organisations in APAC are already in the most progressive stages of digital transformation maturity.
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Vertiv launches thermal management solution for small IT rooms and edge computing
Vertiv has officially introduced the Vertiv Liebert DM, its latest line of thermal management solutions designed for small and medium-sized computer rooms, IT closets and other edge applications.
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Fintech innovation set to play huge role in cloud computing market, study finds
"The integration of cloud computing into banking solutions is anticipated to play a crucial role in transforming the banking sector in the forthcoming years.”
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Whither quantum computing in a rapidly digitising Australia?
While widespread digitisation continues to transform the way Australians live, work and play, the real revolution is occurring in the background, in the quantum computing sphere.
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Bamboo Systems launches servers for next gen data centres and computing
“Without the constraints of legacy designs, we are able to deliver servers that are built for today's microservices-based software, but which consume a fraction of the energy of traditional systems."
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Edge Computing
Google Cloud commits to AU with new Melbourne region
Google Cloud Platform is coming to Melbourne in 2021, the company announced today.
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Amazon Web Services / AWS
AWS to launch new infrastructure region in Spain
The AWS Europe (Spain) Region is expected to open late 2022 or 2023 and will consist of three Availability Zones at launch.
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Meet Amino, the NZ computing network with huge blockchain goals
You don’t have to look far to find local tech firms that are taking on blockchain and turning it into commercial potential.
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Australian researchers develop graphical modelling for the combat zone
Advanced computing techniques are being used to help the Australian military understand combat situations using modelling & simulations.
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Advancements in wireless tech drives computing devices market
Advances in WLAN, external hard disks, and keyboards is driving replacement of existing devices in the global computing devices market.
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Smart Machines
University of Canterbury hosts future tech event for Kiwi students
"E-Week provides an opportunity for curious young minds to get hands-on experience, visit local companies, program a robot and build a lab-on-a-chip."
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New Zealand's top schools to study IT revealed
“It’s great to see a mix of institutions from large to small, and from across the main centres to the regions achieving accreditation."
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The secret to being a leading CEO: Embracing disruptive innovation
For leading CEOs, cloud and the Internet of Things is old news. Now, it's all about cognitive computing and disruptive innovation.
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Infinera and Corsa partner up to demonstrate SDN-enabled 100G services
"We are pleased to partner with Corsa on this demonstration and excited to showcase SDN-enabled 100G services."
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OneNet invites resellers to Cloud workshop
OneNet was established almost 14 years ago to provide on-demand computing, now known as cloud computing, to customers who wished to let go of managing their, often complex, internal IT environment and move their applications and data to a more secure, reliable, and scalable environment.
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Maclean Computing placed into liquidation
Waterstone Insolvency appointed to oversee family-owned business first incorporated in 1993.