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Artificial Intelligence
NVIDIA announces new cloud-hosted development hub for AI
NVIDIA has announced its new cloud-hosted development hub that enables companies to quickly shift AI projects from prototypes to production.
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Edge Computing
IOTech launches Edge Builder to manage edge systems at scale
Edge software company IOTech has announced the launch of Edge Builder, its end-to-end, open solution for managing edge systems at scale. 
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Payment gateways
Square announces new developer tools - APIs and an SDK
Digital payment company Square has announced three new developer tools.
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Server-less computing
Cloudflare creates Workers Unbound platform for serverless development
Cloudflare will continue to offer the original Cloudflare Workers model, now known as Cloudflare Workers Bundled. Cloudflare Workers Unbound now allows developers using the Cloudflare Workers platform to create more complex applications.
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Artificial Intelligence
DataRobot enhances enterprise AI platform
DataRobot’s SVP of product and customer experience, Phil Gurbacki, says the company wants to push the boundaries of what’s possible.
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GitHub’s ‘universe of data’ empowers developers
“These past ten years have been the most transformative in tech,” says GitHub SVP Technology Jason Warner.
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Internet of Things
Microsemi announces Switchtec PCIe Gen 4 switch development platform
Microsemi's new development platform enables customers to immediately begin PCIe Gen 4 system hardware designs.
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RPG Maker Fes is now out on Nintendo 3DS in A/NZ
If you have always wanted to become a game developer but lacked the coding skill, RPG Maker is the tool for you.
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BlackBerry app challenge detailed
Competition launched to encourage innovation in New Zealand mobile app development.