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Internet use
Vodafone NZ reveals internet usage trends in alert level 3
Mobile data usage has seen an increase since exiting alert level 4, as restrictions ease and people leave their homes.
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Digital divide
Asia home to half of the world's internet users
Asia has 2.3 billion internet users, which equated to 50.3% of the world’s internet user population.
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Internet use
Vodafone NZ launches new COVID-19 plans
“Vodafone has taken a proactive approach to this pandemic right from the beginning, and is committed to doing its utmost to support society during this rapidly evolving situation.”
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Internet infrastructure strained as demand for servers surges 30%
Internet service providers are extending data caps to meet the newfound reliance on the network, however, some experts express uncertainty concerning internet infrastructure’s ability to keep up with the rapidly growing demand.
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InternetNZ appeals to govt to ensure every Kiwi is connected during crisis
The most effective way to 'flatten the curve' is to ensure everyone has an internet connection, says InternetNZ.
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Chorus reckons Kiwis have an insatiable appetite for data
New Zealanders love the internet – and we love Fortnite even more.
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It's a nice day for a website wedding: The 'big day' can now be streamed live
It seems Kiwi weddings are slowly becoming more hi-tech, with an Auckland company offering live streaming services to capture the 'big day'.
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UFB business services – how much are ISPs really making?
How much money is being generated by ISPs in NZ from selling UFB business services, uptake of UFB business services and a few other bits and pieces?
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Data Protection
Study finds Kiwis worried about data privacy by state and private companies
World Internet Project New Zealand study discovered that users care more about private surveillance by companies than government surveillance.
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InternetNZ offers one-off funding boost
Community groups are invited to apply for a share of $50,000 for internet-related projects that benefit NZ.