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Toshiba NZ
Toshiba's New Zealand Branch sees profit decline - report
Toshiba Australia's New Zealand Branch have released their latest financial reports, showing the company’s total revenue from contracts with customers has grown by $6,926,000 in Australia.
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Cyber criminals continue to find new methods of attack
"This is no time for security teams to let their guard down as cyber criminals are getting even more bold in how they score their next payday."
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CAST AI’s global platform decentralises the cloud industry
CAST AI provides a cloud cost optimisation and reporting platform for cloud-native applications on AWS, Google and Azure, reducing cloud compute costs by 50-75% in minutes.
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Rockwell Automation ranks highly in two 2022 Gartner reports
Rockwell Automation has been named a Visionary for its FactoryTalk ProductionCentre and Plex Systems as a Leader for its Smart Manufacturing Platform in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.
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Maximum DDoS attack size grows by 297%, report finds
According to the report, while the average attack size fell by 50% over 2021 the maximum attack size nearly tripled, growing 297% over the same period.
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Are you leveraging the full potential of SD-WAN?
The evolution of SD-WAN technology means it's now much more than it was originally sold to be, but do customers really understand the expanded value proposition?
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Techday introduces new IT Reports section across all sites
Techday is once again striving to provide the best experience for our clients, and we are pleased to announce a new section dedicated to asset promotion.