09 Jan 2013
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2013: The year of the Smart Watch?

By Alistair Ross

Just a quick look over at what buzz has been happening in the entrepreneurial world of last year shows that smart watches are in big demand. For example, look at Kickstarter. The likes of the Pebble Smart Watch for with Android and Apple smartphones, showed you your reminders and other alerts (as well as the time!). Their kickstarter funding goal was for $100,000 USD, and they have currently received over $10,260,000 which shows the audience out there is really biting. There's now an onslaught of similar devices all over the net (and kickstarter). They keep on getting smarter and better - this week, the ConnecteDevice company are showcasing their new COOKOO watch at CES 2013. It'll take photos remotely, do 'forgot my iPhone/iPad' alerts, as well as reminders and yep, facebook checkins.

Then, of course are the many rumours around the globe that Apple are busy at work in China on making an iWatch (or whatever they will call it!).

So, what do you think? Is the next big thing in the must-have tech accessories a Bluetooth based smart watch or do you think this is just another fad?

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