01 Mar 2011
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2degrees restores Christchurch network

One week after the Christchurch earthquake, the 2degrees Christchurch network is back up and running.

The company says the Christchurch network has been restored and is meeting the needs of its customers.

Chief Executive Eric Hertz explained, "Our network in Christchurch is operating, including full 2G and 3G services, and we’re meeting the needs of our customers.

"We’re not experiencing any network congestion and we’re dealing with traffic well.”

Going one step further Hertz added that 2degrees has sufficient back-up power supplies and is deploying COWs (Cell Sites on Wheels) to provide even stronger coverage to some areas of the city.

The company’s plans to open Christchurch call centre – creating around 80 jobs in the process – are unaffected, a company spokesperson told us today.

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