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2degrees winning Vodafone customers

02 Sep 2010

“On Saturday August 28th at 12.52pm a mobile user ported their Telecom 027 number to 2degrees, and in the course of doing so became the 100,000th customer to port their mobile number to New Zealand’s newest mobile network,” beamed a statement from the company today.

Chief Marketing Officer, Larrie Moore, said, “Each week we see a steady number of customers bringing their mobile number with them when they join 2degrees.

“Consumers have seen our advertisements which tell them they can keep their whole number with 2degrees—even the 021 or 027 bit. That’s certainly been a contributor to the boom in porting, but we also believe there’s a groundswell of consumers looking for better value and finding that with 2degrees,” says Larrie.

2degrees says porting figures in New Zealand have more than trebled over the previous year.

From August 2009 to July 2010, a total of 155,651 consumers ported their mobile number, with 64% going to 2degrees.

Of those ports, around 80% were said to be Vodafone customers.