02 Jun 2011
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2talk targets toll-free market

Cloud PBX provider 2talk has launched a new service targeted specifically at the toll-free market, branded GO800.

"A key strategy for 2talk has been to build separate solutions that are business need specific," said Ray Jackson, 2talk CTO. "We wanted to make it very user friendly for customers who just want toll free services from us and the new MTAS determination provided the impetus to put the product together."

Key GO800 features include:

  • Call Forwarding - forward calls to selected destination based on time of day rules
  • Simultaneous Ring - find me; follow me service that enables users to have multiple phones ring when their GO800 line rings
  • Auto Attendant - enables business to setup a simple IVR and direct calls to the correct destination
  • Conferencing - allows businesses to realise the benefits of conference calling for meetings, training sessions and remote staff communications
  • Geographic Routing - routes calls based on the geographic location of the caller, offers multiple levels and time of day options
  • Call Recording - businesses can record important calls and save them for reference
  • Enhanced Voicemail – business users get their voicemail delivered to their email inbox allowing visual sorting and management of messages.
  • Reverse Answer - automated callback mode for mobile callers, allows businesses to take advantage of low cost mobile rates
  • GO live dashboard - web portal to manage features, access real time call records and manage billing
GO800 is available via the GO800 website and through 2talk's authorised dealer channels.

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