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Acer enters the tablet race

25 Nov 2010

Acer is the latest manufacturer to elbow its way into the great tablet race, promising three different tablets by the first half of 2011.

Mobility will be a major factor in the design of the tablets and Acer promises its range will feature different display sizes and models designed for different usage scenarios.

A 10.1” Android tablet is being pitched as a mobile and home entertainment device, allowing for the delivery of HD entertainment. This is due April, 2011.

A 7” Android tablet aims to take mobile experiences to the next level with a (1280x800) 16:10 aspect ratio full touch screen. Inside you’ll find a dual core processor with Adobe Flash Player 10.1 support. This is also due April next year.

For the Microsoft fans out there a 10.1” Windows tablet aims to combine touch screen user-friendliness with the experience of a physical keyboard. It weighs less than 1kg and runs on AMD technology. This one’s due slightly earlier, in February 2011.

The company expects some 54.8 million tablets to be sold in 2011, and 208 million units by 2014.