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ActiveDAM named 'Strong Performer' in Forrester report
Thu, 29th Feb 2024

The leading-edge digital asset management (DAM) programme, Storyteq's ActiveDAM, has been designated a 'Strong Performer' by The Forrester Wave(tm): Digital Asset Management Systems's Q1 2024 report. Storyteq is recognised as a transformative influence on the traditionally passive role of DAMs, helping drive increased efficiency and value within marketing enterprises.

The Forrester report highlights Storyteq's vision of evolving DAMs from mere storage systems to proactive assets that employ Artificial Intelligence and data integration to generate new content and support marketing initiatives. The report commends Storyteq's commitment to maximising DAM's value within marketers' toolkit. It recognises ActiveDAM as a prime choice for B2C companies seeking powerful tools to streamline and enrich their digital presence.

Affirming the impact of this development on marketing operations, James Masters, Head of Content & Media Technology at Haleon, said, "Storyteq's ActiveDAM has enabled us to greatly improve the roll-out and governance of our marketing assets, and subsequently derive insights on the global use of content. Now seamlessly connected with our content production workflows and brand guidelines, our teams have one system enabling them to deliver on-brand content efficiently."

Storyteq's ActiveDAM diverges from the conventional Digital Asset Management model of static storage systems with limited value. Now, teams can activate on-brand marketing quickly, managing everything from brand guidelines to complete campaigns. This proactive, centralised system represents a digital evolution in the asset management landscape, where content promotion is active rather than passive.

Mark van Iterson, Global Director of Design on Heineken's Global Innovation Team, spoke to this advantage, saying, "We've improved our speed to market with Storyteq ActiveDAM. All our local markets now have instant access to centrally approved campaigns, content, brand guidelines, playbooks and more." This approach allows for on-brand marketing to be rolled out quickly and securely across all markets, ushering in improved governance and compliance.

The modern marketing landscape demands innovation from its traditional tools. Typical Digital Asset Management systems have been limited by issues such as underused assets, adoption rates, and the need for greater content personalisation and localisation. Storyteq's ActiveDAM offers solutions to these challenges, explaining why brands like Heineken and Haleon have adopted it.

John Kirk, Group Deputy CEO of Inspired Thinking Group, discussed the evolution of DAMs and the vision for Storyteq's ActiveDAM, "Our vision for the Storyteq ActiveDAM is closer to what you'd call a 'Netflix experience' as opposed to the traditional definition of a DAM - where the platform is actively making suggestions using a combination of data and AI, promoting your best campaigns and content to maximise your return."

Storyteq, part of the Inspired Thinking Group founded in 2009, seeks to rewrite the DAM rulebook with its ActiveDAM system. A tool designed with a marketing DNA, Storyteq's ActiveDAM is a key player not only in the Group's marketing activation business, Team ITG, but also within the broader marketing sphere.