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Adobe adds innovations and capabilities to Analytics offering
Thu, 16th Jun 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Adobe has announced new services in Adobe Analytics, delivering a single workspace for brands to unify data and insights across all media types, now including the metaverse and streaming media.

With global brands adopting Adobe Analytics, Adobe also introduced a new service to transition data from other analytics products while preserving historical compliance with regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

Adobe senior vice president Adobe Experience Cloud platform and products, Amit Ahuja, comments, “Delivering personalised customer experiences is a top priority for every business in every industry, and the key to making it happen is connecting real-time insights across all aspects of the customer journey.

"With support for metaverse and streaming media channels, Adobe Analytics continues to lead the industry as the only true omnichannel analytics solution for customer engagement.

As consumer habits change and more daily life moves online, brands have had to connect more data sources in areas such as e-commerce, social media and support centres, to form a clear picture of customer engagement, Adobe states.

At the same time, a growing audience around streaming media and immersive experiences has created new opportunities for forward-looking teams.

Adobe is introducing new capabilities to help brands capitalise on these trends:

The metaverse: Adobe is previewing support for metaverse analytics, as more brands begin to embrace immersive and 3D experiences. With a rearchitected platform, Adobe can now extend the reach of Adobe Analytics to new and emerging channels.

In the metaverse, brands will be able to measure and analyse specific events, such as the volume of engagement with 3D objects and immersive experiences, as well as collecting interactions across multiple metaverses.

This data can then be combined with insights across other channels like the website or mobile app, to understand changing consumer preferences. With Adobe Creative Cloud and immersive design tools like Adobe Substance 3D, Adobe is uniquely positioned to help brands design, deliver, measure, and monetise experiences in the metaverse, Adobe states.

Streaming media: While streaming is a key investment for the entertainment industry, other sectors such as retail and banking continue to prioritise video and audio content. Adobe is introducing new capabilities today for brands to understand how streaming fits into the overall customer journey.

Through Customer Journey Analytics (CJA), teams can tie digital media consumption to engagement on other channels like social media, websites and offline channels. A retailer, for instance, can see the types of content that drive social engagement and/or in-store activity, to deliver personalisation and drive retention efforts.

Partner ecosystem: Adobe now has hundreds of third-party integrations with top technology solutions including AppsFlyer,, Brightedge, Genesys, Hootsuite, Invoca and Medallia. Each is accessible in the Adobe Exchange marketplace, and Adobe now has a community of over 4,300 active partners across technology providers, system integrators, agencies, and developers.

This enables brands to combine data sources from chat bots to call centres to advertising campaigns with Adobe Analytics behavioural data to understand customer experiences holistically.

In addition to the above, Adobe has introduced a new service that makes it easier for businesses across industries to switch to Adobe Analytics:

Bringing data together: Brands are sitting on mountains of data, as the digital economy continues to expand. With the bulk data insertion API now available, teams can move or activate any volume of historical data into Adobe Analytics. It covers any online or offline channel, allowing brands to transition data sources from point-of-sale devices, CRM systems and mobile applications.

Intelligent Data Mapping: Adobe Analytics is providing flexibility for brands to bypass the preparation work, while also avoiding data destruction. As data comes through, Adobe Analytics preserves the underlying structure, while also suggesting new ways to measure the customer journey. Brands can also retroactively apply dimensions to historical data, such as new attribution models.