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Adobe releases new Acrobat extension for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Adobe has announced the release of a new Acrobat extension for Google Chrome and another for Microsoft Edge.

According to the company, Adobe Acrobat for Chrome and Acrobat for Edge offer a whole new way for users to go beyond the native PDF viewing experience, with an intuitive set of advanced tools to do more with digital documents.

The Acrobat extension can be used for more than just viewing PDFs. Seamlessly markup PDFs by adding comments, highlights or drawings from the righthand dropdown pane. Fill out form fields and e-sign documents in the browser, all for free, without downloading software or opening a new window. It's also quick and easy to download and share a PDF with others for group review and feedback without sending an attachment. Even try a variety of Acrobat online tools like convert, compress, organise, or combine files.

Acrobat subscribers gain additional PDF capabilities in the browser, including:

  • Rotate, delete, or reorder PDF pages to optimise viewing and printing
  • Transform a PDF to a Microsoft Word document and retain formatting
  • Convert web pages into PDF, preserving layout, formatting, and links 

More than 230 million PDFs have already been opened by more than 10 million Chrome users during the recent phased rollout. During this time, the commenting tool has been the most popular with more than 2.3 million uses. The phased rollout of the Acrobat for Edge extension will begin in soon.

Business and financial documents 
Comment on annual reports, white papers, spreadsheets, brochures, and marketing materials

Educational documents 
Adjust text documents, school assignments, presentations, eBooks, and lesson plans

Small business documents 
Review and mark up menus, catalogs, newsletters, business plans, lookbooks, and invitations

Personal documents 
Fill out and sign itineraries, medical forms, and service agreements

Add comments, markups, or highlights
Whether you're a student taking notes on lecture slides or a teacher giving feedback on an assignment, adding comments, markups, drawings, text, and highlights to PDF documents is quick and easy with the Acrobat extension.

Fill out fields and add an e-signature
From purchase agreements and waivers to employment contracts and lease agreements, Chrome users can easily fill out the form fields in a PDF and add an e-signature without leaving the browser.

Convert a PDF to a Microsoft Word doc
It's time-consuming and messy to copy and paste content from a PDF into a new document. Instead, use the Acrobat extension as a document converter, transforming a PDF into a Microsoft Word doc right in the browser without losing formatting.

Convert web pages to PDFs
See something on the web that you would like to turn into a PDF? You can convert web pages into PDF files by clicking the Acrobat icon on your Chrome toolbar. Acrobat preserves the layout, formatting, and links of captured pages.

Rotate, delete, or reorder PDF pages
Trying to read a PDF brochure or menu online and its showing up sideways? Rotate it in an instant with your Acrobat extension. Want to change the order of pages on a PDF document or delete a page before you send it to your coworker? Do it in a few clicks in your Chrome browser window.

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