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Alcatel: Telecom did not 'dump' us

09 Apr 2013

Alcatel-Lucent has dismissed claims it was 'dumped' by Telecom in favour of Huawei to build its 4G-capable mobile sites.

Contacting Techday directly, the communications company was quick to add 'context' to the story, saying the announcement changed little.

"The announcement today has little impact on our ongoing relationship with Telecom," says Bryony Hilless, Marketing, Strategy and Communications manager, Alcatel-Lucent.

"We may not have been selected to provide 4G services however we remain Telecom’s partner for their 3G network and will continue to run Telecom’s network operations centre – where we operate and maintain both their fixed and mobile networks.

"Also work is currently underway on the converged 100G optical transport (that we were awarded back in February) to more than 30 New Zealand cities to help support future Telecom services, for example the introduction of their new UFB plans."

Well, that's us told.