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An in-depth take on Reconciliation as a Service (RaaS)... in telecommunications

17 Jun 2014

Your company could be haemorrhaging thousands of dollars per month – and chances are you don’t even know it.

But, how do you peel back the layers of complexity to obtain a clear insight into your spend?

And, how do you turn the unfathomable masses of detailed data into business intelligence that allows you to take control of your bills and make sound business decisions?

Well, consider a methodology toolset designed and proven right here in New Zealand that does just that.

BIZview RaaS turns these volumes of data into meaningful information allowing stakeholders such as Finance, Operations and Users to obtain monthly reports which are valuable and easily understood.

This data is the building block supporting the insights required. BIZview RaaS ‘normalises’ what is complex and makes it simple. It is the quality of this data that allows the business value to be extracted.

Examples of the business value available are:

• An accurate inventory of your services

• Consumption is identified

• Benefit realisation can be checked

• Actuals to Budget can be tracked

• Information around trending becomes available

• Inputs to forecasting of cash flow are accessible

• Invoices can be broken down into business related categories

• Conducting ‘what if’ analysis when changing contracts rates

Outsourcing the burden of monthly reconciliation just makes sense. Your people are freed up to carry out more important tasks which provide real value to your business.

The small investment often yields a significant ROI when it sheds light on inconsistencies revealed from the comparison between your invoices, the services received, and the contracts supporting these.

Opportunity for suppliers:

BIZview Limited is looking for a select number of Delivery Partners to sell and deliver RaaS.

If your organisation operates in the Medium to Enterprise space, BIZview RaaS provides the potential for you to broaden your service offering and add further value to your key client relationships.

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