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Appian announces “Insight to Action” process mining program
Thu, 6th Jul 2023

Appian announces its new “Insight to Action” program for process mining, a fixed-fee engagement for process optimisation designed to create recurring savings.

The program accelerates the value of process mining initiatives by providing mining preparation, analysis, and service hours to implement process improvements, all for a one-time fixed fee.

Process mining lets organisations uncover bottlenecks and other inefficiencies in the business processes. Appian believes that most process mining technologies present roadblocks that prevent organisations from achieving real value. 

Appian highlights data governance (security and quality) as a significant concern, as are the specialised data skills required, results that are difficult to interpret, and the typical disconnection between process mining and automation technologies needed to implement improvements.

Pavel Zamudio, Chief Customer Officer at Appian, says: “Process mining initiatives face a common set of challenges.” 

“These include properly preparing the data, accurately interpreting the results, and deploying recommended changes into operational workflows.” 

“Our Insight to Action program is designed to remove all of that complexity so our customers can see fast value from Appian Process Mining,” says the Chief Customer Officer. 

Appian Process Mining simplifies identifying process inefficiencies and checking conformance to detect non-compliant activities. Appian unifies process mining with automation on a single low-code platform, making implementing changes and achieving continuous process improvement easy. 

This is underpinned by Appian’s Data Fabric, which enables highly-secure enterprise-wide data unification without complex data management.

The new Insight to Action program is designed to help organisations rapidly unlock the value of process mining. In the Insight phase, Appian Customer Success will identify and prepare a process for mining (including all required data transformation), complete the mining analysis, and provide a findings report with recommendations. 

During the Action phase, Appian Customer Success will create an action plan addressing the findings and make adjustments to optimise the process. Specifically, this includes guidance on selecting the appropriate process to mine, transformation of extracted data for the use case, process mining analysis and process optimisation consultation with recommendations.

Additionally, the Action phase will comprise an Action Plan: A collaborative charter to evaluate the critical components of the mined process with a project plan to achieve continuous improvement.

Success checkpoints will also be effectively measured, including proactive, recurring sessions to assess the progress of the Action Plan. Lastly, there will be a final process mining readout to validate process improvements. 

Appian Corporation is a cloud computing and enterprise software company that automates business processes. The Appian AI-Powered Process Platform is created to include everything businesses need to design, automate, and optimise even the most complex processes, from start to finish. 

Organisations worldwide trust Appian to improve their workflows, unify data, and optimise operations, resulting in better growth and enhanced customer experiences.