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Applause survey reveals prevalent use & concerns about Gen AI
Tue, 2nd Apr 2024

Applause, a company that tests and trains AI algorithms for consumer products and services, has published the results of its second Generative AI (Gen AI) Survey. Participants in the survey were global consumers, software developers, and QA testers, numbering at 6,300 individuals.

The results demonstrate a prevalent use of artificial intelligence (AI) in everyday tasks. 91% of respondents reportedly used chatbots to conduct research, and 81% preferred using chatbots over search engines for basic queries. However, only 19% of them said that chatbots comprehended their prompt every time.

Despite growing adoption, AI users' anxiety regarding data privacy, bias and performance was also highlighted. In total, 89% expressed discomfort in sharing private information, while half the respondents admitted to encountering biased responses. Even though 75% believed that chatbots were making progress in managing harmful or incorrect responses, a concerning 38% had noticed inaccuracies in the responses they received.

The research also sheds light on specific applications of Gen AI tools. Notably, developments in software and Gen AI testing were mentioned. Despite data privacy issues and concerns over inaccurate and biased responses, the utilities of Gen AI are invariably recognised. Daily usage of chatbots for research purposes was reported by 33% of the respondents.

Among other findings, GitHub Copilot came out as the most popular tool for coding assistance, being preferred by 41% of respondents. Developers also commonly use Gen AI for tasks such as writing or debugging code, test reporting, building test cases, and building apps.

ChatGPT emerged as the most popular chatbot, with a majority user base of 91%, followed by Gemini (63%) and Microsoft Copilot (55%). Users were also found to switch between different chatbots depending on the task at hand, and many have replaced one chatbot with another due to performance issues.

Chris Sheehan, SVP of Strategic Accounts and AI at Applause, shared his thoughts on the survey outcomes, stating, "It is clear from the survey that consumers are keen to use Gen AI chatbots, and some have even integrated them into their daily lives for tasks like research and search. Chatbots are getting better at dealing with toxicity, bias, and inaccuracy; however, concerns still remain."

He added, "Not surprisingly, switching between chatbots to accomplish different tasks is common, while multimodal capabilities are now table stakes. To gain further adoption, chatbots need to continue to train models on quality data in specific domains and thoroughly test across a diverse user base to drive down toxicity and inaccuracy."

The findings of Applause's second Generative AI Survey highlight the widespread integration of AI technologies into daily tasks and the persistent concerns regarding data privacy, bias, and performance. While the survey underscores the growing acceptance and use of AI-driven solutions like chatbots and coding assistance tools, it also emphasises the need for ongoing improvements in accuracy, inclusivity, and user experience.

As AI continues to evolve and shape various aspects of our lives, addressing these concerns and advancing the capabilities of Gen AI tools will be crucial for fostering trust and maximising their potential benefits for consumers and developers alike.