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Are Kiwis paying too much for computers and software?

29 Aug 2013

The Green Party is calling for a Commerce Committee inquiry into the over pricing of computer software and hardware in New Zealand compared to other countries.

A recent party survey of over 100 software and hardware products found that prices are more than 40% higher on average here than for American consumers.

The Australian Parliament has recently concluded a similar inquiry finding that unfair regional pricing strategies were being used by the big software companies.

"Computer software and hardware pricing is unfair to Kiwi consumers and undermines the competitiveness of New Zealand businesses," said Gareth Hughes, ICT spokesperson, Green Party.

"The Green Party has uncovered evidence that overseas companies are charging New Zealanders far more for computers and software than they do foreign customers."

Hughes claimed that, for example, an iMac can be $500 more expensive if purchased in New Zealand than online from a US web address, while laptops cost as much as three times more for New Zealanders than Americans -an extra cost of up to $1,000.

"Common software like Microsoft Office 365 is available for $NZD124 in the US but retails for $NZD165 here which is 32% more expensive," he added.

"Software for business such as Adobe's FrameMaker software is $3042.31 more expensive to purchase in New Zealand than in the US (in $NZD) from the same website.

"The Australian Parliament recently published results of its inquiry into similarly inflated IT prices for Australian consumers and has made a number of recommendations which should also be considered here."

Are Kiwis paying too much for computers and software? Tell us your thoughts below