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Are you ready for Webstock?

10 Feb 2012

Web experts from around the world will converge on the New Zealand capital next week for Webstock, a conference described by organisers as the ‘bestest, greatest, most amazingly awesome conference ever’.

The event will kick off on Monday with three days of intensive half- or whole-day workshops, followed by the main Webstock conference, which is two days of expert talks; the whole event will take place at the Wellington Town Hall.

With workshop titles like ‘The Nine Superpowers of User Awesome’ and ‘ASP.NET MVC: From Baby Ninja to Slightly Older and More Competent Ninja’, it’s fair to say Webstock is not your ordinary tech conference.

Speakers will include usability expert Jared Spool, Rdio head of design Wilson Miner, entrepreneur and angel investor Derek Handley, and CEO of online retailer Zappos, Tony Hsieh. 

Most of the workshops are sold out and the conference is getting close too, so if you’re a web developer in the Wellington region go here to find out more about registering; otherwise go here for updates on Twitter.