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Arlo Software Welcomes Tim Bird as New CEO
Mon, 17th Jul 2023

Arlo Software, the global training software company, announced the appointment of Tim Bird as the new CEO today. Bird succeeds John Mitchell, the company's founding CEO, marking the beginning of a new era aimed at propelling Arlo to further growth.

John Mitchell, who has piloted Arlo for the past 16 years, transformed the company into a significant player in the training software market. Under his leadership, Arlo expanded its reach to customers across 70 countries, trained over 7 million individuals, and processed more than half a billion dollars in transactions annually. As he steps down, Mitchell says, "We’ve never been more invested in our people and product and we’re building a world-class team to take our training software to the next level. We have an ambitious goal of doubling the number of learners through the Arlo platform by 2026."

Tim Bird, a renowned consultant with a record of spearheading business growth, takes on the CEO mantle in this crucial period. Bird's leadership style leans heavily on people management, an area where he is expected to add considerable value. Excited by the prospect, Bird states, "What excites me most about Arlo is the people, the customers, and the massive opportunity for continued growth around the world. I’m committed to building on the great success that John and the team have already achieved, while growing and nurturing our people."

Bird's favorite quote from Peter Senge encapsulates his vision for Arlo's future: "Transforming systems is ultimately about transforming relationships among people who shape those systems."

Chairman Allan Dawson confirms the board's confidence in the new leader, saying, "We engaged Tim as an external consultant 15 months ago to help define Arlo’s strategic direction...I have full confidence in his ability to help Arlo achieve our global ambitions."

Bird assumes his new role on July 24th, 2023, with the support of Mitchell and the Board ensuring a seamless leadership transition. Mitchell will continue to serve as an advisor in the short term while also nurturing his interests in the start-up community as an advisor, consultant, investor, and director, retaining a majority stake in Arlo.