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Aussie AI company receives patent for machine learning tech

Flamingo AI, an Australian based AI company with operations also in the United States, has received a patent for its machine learning technology.

The company provides a machine learning based intelligent knowledge assistant and service desk, utilised by enterprises to gain operational efficiency and increase internal customer experience.

It was the company’s semi-supervised question answering machine that received the patent. As such, Flamingo AI is now the owner of Australian Patent No. 2018223010.

This patent sets out the algorithms that Flamingo AI uses for the semi-supervised machine learning engine to propagate answer weights around a question space.

The patent covers the core technology used in the company’s proprietary software solution, the Intelligent Knowledge Sharing Hub, used by enterprises in the Australian and US markets.

These rights last 20 years until August 30, 2038. The patent is also currently awaiting examination in the US.

Dr Jack Elliott, the inventor of the technology, says, “Flamingo AI’s conversational intelligence relies on a novel form of semi-supervised machine learning.

“This technique combines supervised and unsupervised machine learning to give the best of both worlds, the rapid learning of unsupervised learning associated with the tight control of supervised approaches.”

Flamingo AI built its own AI engine to overcome traditional AI technology challenges such as the need for large data sets, a high level of human intervention, the use of either only supervised or unsupervised machine learning approaches and black box AI.

Flamingo AI CEO and managing director Oliver Cauderlier says, “Flamingo AI’s technology requires no data set to get started, learns while being utilised, augments humans and facilitates collaboration.

“It acts much like a digital Knowledge Service Desk agent with the software being the digital subject matter expert much like a non-biological brain.”

The Flamingo AI product is suited to any teams and organisations, where performance and success rely on providing the right information at the right time at scale, according to the company.

It facilitates compliant information sharing, collaboration, improves customer experience, reduces operating costs and offers organisation with a unique understanding of knowledge and information sharing gaps across employees, teams, channel partners and consumer interactions.

Flamingo AI founder and executive director, Dr Catriona Wallace, says, “Flamingo AI set out to build unique IP related to semi-supervised machine learning that would be beneficial to our customers.

“It has taken the team a lot of hard work to build this machine learning technology that underpins an excellent AI based product that drives significant business outcomes, and we are pleased it is recognised and protected with the granting of this patent.”

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