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Ava Security and Nedap partner up, lead way for security integration
Mon, 20th Sep 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Ava Security has teamed up with Nedap, the provider of solutions in physical security, to integrate their best-in-class solutions for security professionals and integrators.

The Ava Aware Cloud intelligent video management system (VMS) and the Nedap AEOS physical access control together provide proactive physical security.

By enabling the 24/7 video monitoring of access control events as they happen, Ava Security's AI analytics enables security professionals to have precise data instantly, whether from a video security stream or Nedap's card readers, door controllers, or intrusion components, the company states.

In cases of forced entry, authorisation failure, revoked credentials, or doors propped open for a longer period, notifications pop up on the Aware Cloud user interface, including a thumbnail view from the camera that triggered the rule.

The pop-up can be expanded to show more detail and allow further actions to be taken by your operators.

For instance, additional details can include the name of the badge holder, the image on the credential, and the exact location provided in real-time.

After an incident, fast forensic searches allow video security teams to find things quickly and reduce the burden of manually reviewing massive amounts of footage.

Ava Security head of video engineering and co-founder Sam Lancia says, “We are delighted to announce a new partnership that will enable organisations to react to security events as they unfold, connect the dots between who, where, and how, and gain additional insights to streamline and take full control of their operations.

According to Lancia, integrations between security providers are important because of an increasing demand for real-time insights, cybersecurity protection, situational awareness and the ability to perform accurate and fast investigations.

The partnership enables financial and commercial businesses, government, defence, healthcare organisations, schools and campuses, critical infrastructure facilities, and public venues to monitor and detect access violations using the two interconnected platforms.

Nedap Security Management integration manager Wesley Keegstra says, “I'm very proud of having Ava Security joining our Technology Partner Programme. They truly bring an amazing user experience and a rich set of powerful features.

"By combining Ava Aware Cloud with the AEOS access control, you get strong insights on events and alarms like who accessed, where and when including the recorded videos.

"Aware Cloud offers features like Smart Presence, so you can live monitor where your people are. Or view Heatmaps of certain floors, areas or doors. Features you should definitely check out."

Both companies place priority on data security. Ava's cloud video security solution is cyber-hardened with always-on end-to-end encryption and factory-installed certificates.

It also provides audit trails of operator and administrator action, automatically recorded to address the full spectrum of compliance requirements. Ava is also ISO 27001 certified.

Nedap's AEOS access control platform is designed to be secure and safe, with every installation encrypted. Nedap also supports several industry standards to ensure AEOS works with a wide range of third-party readers, including Wiegand, Nedap rs485, OSDP (secure), and transparent.