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Avaya creates global ecosystem of partners, developers and customers
Wed, 20th Oct 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Avaya has officially launched Avaya Experience Builders. In a move that aligns Avaya's services, partners and developers on a global scale, the new ecosystem is designed to help enterprises build better experiences for employees and customers.

According to the company, the needs of customers have changed significantly in recent months, and the ecosystem is designed to help deliver next-generation customer and employee experiences through the Avaya OneCloud AI-powered experience platform.

Avaya Experience Builders aims to make it easier for businesses to build and deliver experiences across their limited or siloed development functions by providing the exact amount of co-development support each company needs.

This includes subscribing to tailored existing experiences, developing completely new experiences, or leveraging AI technology to enable end users to self-compose their experiences, the company states.

Specific solutions and tools available include Avaya Hybrid Cloud Services, Omnichannel Services and AI Services, including frameworks, connectors and pre-built workflows to solve complex problems and use cases.

This includes more than 40 APIs to connect existing Avaya systems with new cloud applications that address new hybrid work use cases.

Avaya OneCloud, the communications and collaboration platform that provides the foundation to compose new experiences, is another tool from the company.

Avaya OneCloud includes Avaya OneCloud UCaaS, Avaya OneCloud CCaaS, and Avaya OneCloud CPaaS.

ZK Research founder and principal analyst, Zeus Kerravala, commented on the announcement saying, "With the introduction of Avaya Experience Builders, Avaya is recognising the need for businesses to expand their capabilities beyond their corporate walls to include partners, developers and even customers in an ecosystem creating AI-powered experiences.

"Avaya's unique expertise, large set of technology partners, significant channel reach, and huge global customer base represents one of the largest such ecosystems available today."

Avaya CEO Jim Chirico says, “In the wake of remote work, the way enterprises are engaging with Avaya has changed. They are asking us for specific expertise in building better experiences.

"How people feel about their interactions with companies, we believe, is now more important than the products and services they buy, and every business must orchestrate memorable moments that shape customer and employee engagement, satisfaction and loyalty.

"These experiences are not just another name for good customer service. Tailored, engaging and effortless communications and collaboration is key.

"Recognising this decoupling of experiences from customer service opens possibilities for businesses to create much deeper relationships with their customers and drive new sources of revenue.

"However, these experiences can't be delivered with monolithic apps in a cloud world. They must be composable.

Avaya CMO Simon Harrison says, “Building the future requires a new way of thinking about experience design and development. Avaya is committed to continue empowering our customers to address new, flexible work challenges with best-in-class innovation.

"Avaya Experience Builders as a community provides them with unparalleled Total Experience development and deployment capabilities. It enables them to better navigate uncharted waters as we all move forward into new realities.