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AWOL telco awakens… but damage is done

26 May 2014

AWOL telco 24/7 Hosting NZ has finally made contact with its customers this morning, claiming to be “resolving all issues” which have plagued Kiwis across the country.

In a Facebook address to its 2,500 plus customers, the embattled company insists work is underway to respond to support request, posting:

“Valued customers, please review our e-mail to you this morning and know that we are working to resolve all issues.

“Some contact methods are still not working. If you have a support request, please ensure that you have submitted it through”

The company, which has evaded customers for a month, also told users that all solicitation comments on its social media pages “have and will be deleted”, including testimonials pertaining to other companies.

“To any of our customers wishing to move: please research your new provider carefully,” the post adds.

“We understand your decision, but we do NOT have any knowledge of affiliation with any of the companies which have solicited on this Facebook page or on our Twitter.”

Yet for curious Kiwis demanding answers, today’s Facebook post isn’t enough, with one disgruntled customer, Sam Gibbons, posting: “Damage is done guys, I've shifted and no way would I trust you to come back.”

Echoing Gibbons’ comments, Darren Payne added: “I rely heavily on hosting to run my business (aka make money and feed my family) if you guys are going under, can you give me the best heads up possible?”

According to 24/7 Hosting NZ, who have suddenly become very interactive with their customers, the company “understands” the troubles of its users, and claims its 24/7 support email is now up and operating.

“Unfortunately for some customers our services have been lacking and our communication has been null. We are working extremely hard to correct this situation. Once again thank you for your continued support.”

The company insists it will “be making further announcements over the coming week.”

Are you a 24/7 Hosting NZ customer? If so get in touch in the comments below…