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AWS consulting partner CMD Solutions casts talent net with IT training boot camp
Fri, 30th Jul 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

AWS consulting partner, CMD Solutions, has launched learnCMD, an intensive employment pathway program for IT professionals to gain vital cloud skills and help companies address the talent shortage.

The first intake will start in August, and the program is offered to anyone in traditional IT roles such as systems engineers, developers and database administrators. Participants should have at least five years of experience and be seeking to upskill with the latest cloud technologies.

The program is a paid, three-week cloud boot camp in partnership with AWS, with all participants offered a permanent role at the conclusion of the course. Candidates can be located anywhere across Australia or New Zealand, with all coursework delivered remotely.

“Companies in ANZ are ramping up cloud adoption at the same time as the talent pool is heavily constrained without 457 visas,” says CMD Solutions Victoria general manager, Brad Bond.

“The issue we often face as an AWS partner is that people come from traditional IT backgrounds and don't have the cloud-specific skills we need. Through learnCMD, we cast our net wider by offering opportunities for people who may not have had a chance to get professional cloud experience to jump-start their cloud career while bringing their client and IT management skills to our business.

“We're not taking a gamble on people, we expect to see a strong existing skill set and cultural alignment, but we're investing the time and resources to bring them up to speed. We believe this is the best way to fill our talent needs while supporting the industry and maintaining our culture,” he says.

The program will provide content and training specific to CMD, as well as AWS-specific workshops and labs. Upon completion, the recruits will be gradually onboarded to client-facing work and be given ongoing development opportunities through CMD's existing programs.

A second program is planned to launch later this year to employ 10-15 new hires per quarter. Throughout FY22, CMD expects to invest around $500,000 in mentoring and training time.

The program was piloted earlier this year, with four recent hires undergoing a similar training plan. Rupali Aparajita, a consultant at CMD Solutions, was one of those.

“Prior to joining CMD, I worked as an IT consultant for several years but hadn't worked on AWS in-depth outside the fundamental services”, says Aparajita.

“Through the learnCMD program, I deepened my knowledge about AWS services and tested my skills working on billable projects under Migration and EUC competency areas. The learnCMD pathway is well-structured, and I was able to follow it at my own pace.

“A significant milestone in my learning was that the knowledge I gained helped me prepare for certification exams like the AWS Solution Architect Associate, while also improving my confidence. After completing the program and continuing to work full-time on client projects, I can now say that working with AWS is not only fun but also challenging,” she says.

CMD is part of Mantel Group, which currently has 150 open roles across its seven brands and actively recruits across ANZ. To attract the best talent, Mantel Group recently announced it had established five new workplace ‘hubs' including a workspace on Queensland's Magnetic Island.