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Blue Coat prepared for IPv6

29 Jan 2010

Blue Coat Systems recently announced its launch of the industry’s first IPv6 secure Web gateway solution to enable the secure and seamless migration of applications, services and content between IPv4 and IPv6 environments.

Called the Blue Coat ProxySG appliance, it enables enterprises, government agencies and service providers to reduce costs and increase efficiencies by taking advantage of IPv6 technology.

In the Blue Coat IPv6 secure web gateway, the ProxySG acts as an intelligent intermediary between requests and content making the retrieval of applications service and data in either an IPv4 or IPv6 environment transparent to users.

The application allows organisations to begin deploying and using IPv6 applications over their existing network infrastructure.

“The Blue Coat migration platform permits IPv4 and IPv6 to co-exist in the same infrastructure with little or no incremental overhead on existing clients, empowering organisations to leverage the best of both technologies simultaneously,” said Qing Li, Chief Scientist and Senior Technologist at Blue Coat Systems.

The solution is built into the SGOS 5.5 and is available immediately at no extra cost to customers with service contracts.