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Boost for travellers as Serko cements AirPlus integration offering...

Fri 19 Sep 2014
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Serko has announced today that Serko Incharge customers can now get direct access to AirPlus transaction information from inside Serko Incharge, thus streamlining the expense reconciliation process.

AirPlus International is a leading global provider of business travel payment and analysis solutions to over 41,000 clients, processing 145 million transactions per annum.

“AirPlus is already an established form of payment for our Serko Online customers, so it’s only natural for us to want to give Serko Incharge customers direct access to their AirPlus transactions," says Darrin Grafton, CEO, Serko.

By allowing travellers’ AirPlus transaction data to flow directly into Serko Incharge in precisely the right format we reduce the friction in the expense reconciliation process, which we know helps Incharge customers save both time and money, as well as reducing a lot of the errors that are inevitably introduced when users rekey data.”

"The Serko Incharge partnership is important for AirPlus," adds David Newington, AirPlus Australia Company Manager.

"It offers our clients the opportunity to effortlessly integrate with Australasia’s leading online expense management system and positions AirPlus competitively with major credit cards as a favorable form of payment for business travel.”

The data feed is available immediately for Incharge customers who already use AirPlus.

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