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Breakfast invitation to learn how to protect your network from today’s malware

Palo Alto Networks are holding two security seminars for enterprise in New Zealand in September, focussing on Modern Malware including managing applications and threats.

The free breakfast events, to be held in Auckland and Wellington, will detail a new breed of sophisticated threats that incorporate applications, exploits and malware.

With a spotlight on assessing what applications are running on your networks, the security company offers a firm understanding of modern malware, explaining the key role it plays in the lifecycle of an attack.

At present, hundreds of Internet applications are likely running on your enterprise network. Some may be good for your business and others not, but they all carry some level of risk.

Through these sessions Palo Alto will demonstrate how to detect known and unknown threats using Next-Generation Firewalls as applications slip undetected through URL filtering products.

The Auckland event runs from 7:45am – 9:30am Tuesday September 4 at Pullman Hotel, with the Wellington session starting the same time on Wednesday September 5 at Te Papa Musuem.

To register for the event click here