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BYOD data usage costing enterprises

By Shannon Williams, Tue 4 Aug 2015
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Bring Your Own Device policies are placing considerable administrative burdens on organisations as employers attempt control data expenses. 

Enterprise mobility firm Good Technology says there is little visibility to separate data requirements business versus personal applications on an employee’s mobile device. 

“Visibility into data usage is of interest since today most organisations simply pick up the tab without knowing what amount is actually being used for business or personal purposes,” the company says in a statement.

In response to these issues, Good Technology has announced the release of its Enterprise Split Billing solutions to alleviate the need for blind BYOD stipend or reimbursement programmes.

Good Enterprise Suite with Data Service and Good Mobile Analytics and Reporting help companies remove friction from BYOD and corporate-owned-personally-enabled (COPE) rollouts. These solutions enable organisations to accelerate enterprise mobility by reducing liability, controlling expenses and diminishing complexity, the company explains.

The two solutions from Good Technology eliminate both uncertainties and simplify mobile BYOD and COPE rollouts with potentially significant corporate cost savings.

"One of the frequent concerns we hear is how to manage data costs while encouraging employees to use their personal devices at work," explains Christy Wyatt, chairman and CEO of Good Technology. 

"Our new Enterprise Split Billing solution addresses that concern by reducing the need for reimbursement programmes and providing a one-stop solution for BYOD or COPE,” she says. 

“Companies can streamline their mobility rollouts and mitigate potential legal and HR complications, while employees don't have to worry about personal data usage or incursions on privacy. It's a win-win scenario."

According to Forrester Research, 54% of U.S. information workers pay their entire mobile phone data bill for phones they use for work, while 19% say their company pays the bill directly, 7% say they are reimbursed and 13% receive partial reimbursement.

“The Good Enterprise Suite with Data Service allows organisations to offer employees access to secure email, calendar, contacts, documents, browsing and more without worrying about cellular data charges,” says Wyatt. 

“Employees don't pay for the data used by approved business apps, and the enterprise no longer needs to implement stipend or expense recovery programmes.” 

Wyatt says organisations avoid stipend reimbursement programmes by including required data charges within licensed software or by enabling existing stipend programs to be optimised based on actual per-application data requirements.  Mobile rollouts are streamlined by purchasing everything needed with a single convenient and affordable subscription. 

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