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Cambium Networks completes world first

By Catherine Knowles, Thu 6 Aug 2015
FYI, this story is more than a year old

This week Cambium Networks, the global vendor of wireless broadband solutions, set a new world record for the longest network link recorded to date.

In a link test spanning a 245.8-kilometer or 153-mile stretch of land traversing a metropolitan area, Cambium was able to successfully demonstrate both high-definition streaming video using AXIS cameras and VoIP services across state lines.

Two parallel links were set up using the PTP 650 and PTP 700 products, demonstrating the signal strength and quality of both offerings.

In an area where cellular phone service is almost nonexistent, Cambium Networks was able to set up and deploy the network link in under one hour.

Using LinkPlanner, a Cambium product allowing for quick and easy PTP and PMP network design, teams were able to design and deploy a link providing VoIP and high-definition streaming video communication across rugged terrain and through high-density metro areas, without interruption.

"At Cambium we have a culture of challenging ourselves. We decided to set up the longest point to point link ever established in the world, set it up quickly, and added a noisy metro centre right in its path," says Atul Bhatnagar, Cambium Networks president and CEO.

“We did it flawlessly showcasing high definition video and VoIP. Our goal is to provide connectivity across all terrains, delivering universal reach for our customers, and their networks,” he says.

In May of this year, Connector Systems signed a four year distribution deal with Cambium Networks which covers Cambium’s core products and its ePMP platform.

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