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Can ICT be a force for positive change in the world?

06 Jun 2014

Dimension Data has today announced the publication of its 2013 Sustainability Report, discussing how businesses will be impacted by future change such as population growth and climate change.

In a first for the company, the report also shows how ICT can make a positive contribution in creating a sustainable future.

”The cornerstone of Dimension Data’s environmental sustainability strategy is to reduce travel, energy, and waste for our clients, our own business, and our employees by providing ICT solutions that lower costs, minimise environmental damage, and benefit society," says Brett Dawson, CEO, Dimension Data.

"We take this responsibility very seriously. The past ten years have seen unparalleled changes in how the world communicates, conducts business, and how we go about our daily lives.

"Technology has been the driving force behind much of this change, and I’m convinced that the near future will bring about new developments that we can’t even dream of today.

"However, as we innovate, we also need to be responsible."

In the Report’s future section, Dimension Data says it has identified air travel and data centres as the two most significant sources of carbon emissions within its organisation, and points out that it has set its own targets based on the reduction of travel and energy as both of these have a direct relationship with cost and carbon.

“With over seven billion people now inhabiting our planet, mankind’s footprint has never been larger, and we need to learn to tread lightly," Dawson adds.

"Managing our impact on society and the environment is everyone’s responsibility, not only that of government or individual leaders. I believe that businesses also have a clear responsibility beyond their financial gains."