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Can New Zealand become the world multicore capital?

27 Feb 2012

Kiwi company Open Parallel will attempt to ‘kick start a new software industry’ in New Zealand next month, hosting a two-day conference about a new technology and how it could change the face of the New Zealand IT sector.

Kicking off in Wellington on March 27, the Multicore World conference will feature speakers from around the world explaining the potential of the technology, as well as local representatives discussing how New Zealand businesses can take advantage.

Two of the key international speakers will be James Reinders, director and chief evangelist for Intel Software, and John Goodacre, director of the processor division for ARM.

For potential start-ups, Phil McCaw, chairman of the Angel Investors Association of New Zealand, and Jorge Kaplan, managing director of New York investment office Nufami Inc, will discuss their approaches to investing in new technologies. 

Multicore technology is a new microchip architecture that allows engineers to put more processing power into a single chip without overheating it. The increased power on offer provides an opportunity for developers to create new, complementary software.

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