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Capital gains as ICT demand grows

28 May 2013

ICT talent in Wellington will continue to be in high demand throughout 2013.

And to make matters better for the industry, ICT professionals from the capital are highly satisfied at work and significantly less likely to consider moving overseas this year, compared with those in other areas of New Zealand.

According to a recent study by Absolute IT, 86% of Wellington ICT workers consider their current workplace a good place to work.

They are also 10% less likely than those in Auckland to consider a move overseas and 6% less likely when compared to the national trend.

Wellington is home to some of New Zealand’s most innovative and fast growing businesses, combined with the increase in public sector project demands, Absolute says it can offer ICT professionals the opportunity to work on market leading projects on a national and global scale.

There is consistent demand for skilled ICT professionals in the Wellington market - 70% of employers are planning to recruit additional staff/contractors this year, with notable increases in calls for contractors.

Typical profile of a Wellington ICT professional:

• 86% consider their current workplace a good place to work

• 48% state flexible working hours as the top non-financial benefit they would appreciate from their employer

• 68% are using social media websites to evaluate potential employers

• 28% are considering a move overseas, which is 6% less than workers across the country

• 48% cite their skills not being utilised or time for a chance as the top reason for considering a job move

• 70% of Wellington ICT employers are planning to recruit additional staff/contractors during 2013

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