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Chennai start-up Autonom8 sets new standards with A8Studio v3.0 release
Mon, 22nd Jan 2024

Chennai-based technological start-up Autonom8 has released its latest product - A8Studio v3.0, a hyperautomation platform with generative AI, attracting significant attention in the industry. This product, which Autonom8 developed by leveraging Google Cloud's Vertex AI technology, sets new standards for business workflow creation and solutions, the company states.

The new A8Studio v3.0 is designed to facilitate rapid deployment and offers customers significant benefits. There is a threefold increase in time-to-deploy, tenfold acceleration in time-to-change, as well as a reduction in total cost of ownership of over 75%, propelling enterprises to find greater value and streamlined operations.

Autonom8's ground-breaking product slashes through the divide between low-code and no-code, enabling citizen developers to swiftly build and deploy operational workflows using natural language prompts that can be typed or spoken (termed "vo-code").

Ranjit Padmanabhan, the CTO of Autonom8, celebrates the release, explaining, "We are thrilled to introduce a revolutionary leap in low-code hyperautomation with A8Studio. By seamlessly integrating Google Cloud's advanced generative AI tools, we are offering a low-code platform powered by an intelligent, generative foundation that redefines the performance metrics for enterprise workflow development."

Previously, creating enterprise workflows involved cumbersome and resource draining teamwork, with the process lagging significantly due to integrations and extensive collaboration. Autonom8's innovation - A8Studio - offers an optimal resolution for such long-standing industry complications.

CEO Balakrishnan Kavikkal outlines the strategic focus of the company, "A8Studio v3.0 represents a significant milestone in our commitment to transforming the landscape of workflow automation. By harnessing the power of gen AI, we are not only simplifying the process but fundamentally changing the way enterprises approach automation, unleashing unprecedented speed and agility."

Gen AI engine's efficient processing abilities facilitate A8Studio's flexibility. This extends to generating SQL queries, streamlining emails, tickets, dashboards along with user interactions. This compresses the assembly of business workflows from processes, services, and user-interfaces while offering the industry’s comprehensive low-code solution for workflow development.

Integration of Gen AI into Autonom8's hyperautomation platform dramatically enhances the platform's performance, allowing a quick response to regulatory requirements with a 10x speed-up in time-to-change. Additionally, customers benefit from a 75% reduction in total cost of ownership, and Autonom8's omnichannel intake capabilities promote a fivefold boost in customer reach. This innovation, coupled with the power of generative AI, creates a new precedent in workflow development, fostering an unprecedented degree of speed, efficiency and cost savings for businesses, according to the company.