26 May 2011
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Citrix loads on the announcements

Citrix acquires Kaviza 

  • Citrix is expanding desktop virtualisation to the SMB market through the strategic acquisition of Kaviza.
  • Kaviza sells VDI-in-a-box solutions. The acquisition means Citrix now has an SMB desktop virtualisation product that doesn’t require storage or the usual desktop virtualisation brokers.

XenClient 2 and XenClient XT 

  • Citrix officially unveiled Citrix XenClient 2, the second generation of its bare-metal client hypervisor developed in collaboration with Intel, which allows centrally managed virtual desktops to run directly on corporate laptops, even when disconnected from the network.
  • The new version of XenClient adds extensive new ease-of-use and scalability features, and will be certified to run on an estimated 45 million PCs and laptops.
  • Citrix also launched XenClient XT, a new standalone product to deliver advanced levels of security, isolation and performance for customers with the most extreme client computing requirements.

"Project Olympus

  • Citrix announced "Project Olympus,” a new cloud infrastructure product based on the popular OpenStack project.
  • By utilising OpenStack, Project Olympus inherits the collective experience and innovation of hundreds of experienced open source cloud developers to help customers build real infrastructure-as-a-service clouds that are scalable, efficient and open-by-design.

Citrix has also made a number of other announcements:

The company is also live streaming sessions from its Synergy 2011 conference. Log in to view here

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