19 Oct 2011
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Clock ticking for $250k software giveaway

The clock is ticking – entries for Greentree Game On close on October 31.

The Greentree team say they’ve had some interesting entries, but there is still plenty of potential to be one of the 10 finalists and have a chance at the $250,000 prize. 

So far the entries have come from a wide range of businesses, with some common threads emerging amongst them:

1. Tacked on systems

Too many different IT systems accumulated over time, creating lots of extra work entering and extracting data. A Greentree partner recently explained the benefits of the company’s total integration, have a read of it here.

2. The inadequacy of old/legacy systems 

A surprising number of companies have really old systems that just don’t cut it anymore. They’ve recognised that they are missing out on modern business practices and opportunities.

3. Lack of visibility across the business

Old and disparate systems play their part here, but even some with newer systems feel they lack the tools to really have their finger on the pulse. Read more about the benefits of business intelligence here

Do any of those problems sound familiar?

Greentree Game On is a golden opportunity for one deserving business to win a prize that will keep delivering for years to come.

Please help spread the word by encouraging any businesses you know to enter the competition, and by supporting them when voting starts on November 14. All the information can be found here

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