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CloudBolt advanced capabilities aim to solve persistent problems

CloudBolt Software has announced advanced capabilities designed to overcome critical roadblocks many of the world's largest organisations are experiencing.

CloudBolt has unified solutions for hybrid cloud management, cost management, and automation integration, while adding new capabilities to form an advanced framework for success.

CloudBolt CEO Jeff Kukowski says, "Every single enterprise we talk to struggles with islands of automation. 79% of large companies say their cloud efforts are hitting a wall using their existing platforms and tools.

"There are too many teams using too many different tools across ungoverned cloud resources with no way to see, understand, and manage it all. And until now, there hasn't been a viable solution for unifying everything under a manager of managers."

Featuring eight specific modules beyond traditional cloud management platform capabilities, the framework allows companies to choose specific CloudBolt solutions while also integrating existing solutions and preferences, the company states.

Some of the most essential new modules include the following:

Role-based cloud visibility and reporting: Aggregating and understanding public cloud spend and usage (especially multi-cloud) is a frustrating and highly manual process, CloudBolt states. To combat this, the company provides push-button visibility and alerting so companies can see and know what they are spending, while also receiving alerts when particular activities occur. Furthermore, with one-click reporting by role, users, administrators, and executives have immediate access to the exact information they need to make better cloud decisions.

Automation Exchange (content library): A personal GitHub for cloud automation. Automation Exchange is a repository for a curated content library of reusable automation and integration elements, and blueprints to encourage re-use and prevent the need to re-invent.

Active Cloud Governance: 78% of large organisations in a recent CII research study indicated that their current cloud approaches have created new security vulnerabilities, putting them at further risk. Active Cloud Governance creates implicit security by infusing governance non-disruptively into the front-end of workloads, the compay states.

Test and assurance: CI/CD-specific: When DevOps needs to test software, the underlying infrastructure has to be right. Unfortunately, only 11% of companies are highly confident in the their CI/CD infrastructure and any failure causes costly delays and lost productivity because the entire test has to be re-run. CloudBolt's new testing and assurance capabilities help ensure that things are working properly and available as needed - whether specifically for CI/CD or across broader ITOps infrastructure, the company states.

Other framework capabilities include an advanced integration engine, ecosystem auto-discoverability capabilities, and even a machine learning overlay to further automate cloud spend optimisation, recommendations, and remediation.

CloudBolt CTO Rick Kilcoyne says, “It's been an exciting process to see our framework come together. Since CloudBolt's early days, we knew the market would reach this point where cloud complexity demands something more to tame the chaos.

"With 88% of the market now saying they need some kind of overarching solution, we're proud of the innovations and acquisitions we've made to meet our customers wherever they are in their cloud journey.

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