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Cloudflare launches Magic Cloud Networking following new acquisition
Wed, 13th Mar 2024

Leading connectivity cloud company, Cloudflare, has announced the launch of a revolutionary new product – Magic Cloud Networking. This development was accelerated by the recent acquisition of the technology of Nefeli Networks, a multicloud networking (MCN) startup.

The integration of Nefeli’s team and technology into Cloudflare’s connectivity cloud not only fast-tracks the company's entrance into multicloud networking but also positions Cloudflare as the only current vendor with a comprehensive Zero Trust product portfolio. This signifies a major step for Cloudflare as it combines cloud network orchestration with a global network's scale on a single platform.

In a world where the majority of businesses rely on large public cloud providers, this development could prove key. Matthew Prince, CEO and co-founder of Cloudflare, commented: “We believe the full potential of the cloud will only truly be unlocked when customers can easily mix and match the best features of each public cloud provider.”.

Nefeli's technology simplifies the process of managing cloud networking platforms by providing a single unified network management layer for cloud infrastructure deployments. This removes the need for manually managing multiple cloud providers, ultimately reducing the cost, and providing greater control, visibility, agility, and resiliency for optimal cloud environment performance.

The partnership between Nefeli and Cloudflare began with the Workers Launchpad program, which allowed the team at Nefeli to explore how the technologies could scale to best serve customers. The acquisition of Nefeli’s team and technology enabled Cloudflare to expedite the development and launch of Magic Cloud Networking.

Magic Cloud Networking is now integrated into Cloudflare One, Cloudflare’s existing SASE platform. This allows customers a unified management experience across their entire enterprise network, including cloud and on-premises deployments. Furthermore, the integration introduces Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) capabilities to the comprehensive Zero Trust product portfolio offered by Cloudflare.

Magic Cloud Networking will enable customers to use Cloudflare's vast global network, which spans over 310 cities in more than 120 countries and interconnects with over 13,000 networks globally. Autonomously discovering, visualising, connecting, and securing their cloud networking infrastructure, customers can tap into Cloudflare's unique position as a one-stop-shop for network architecture transformation.

Reflecting on Nefeli’s partnership with Cloudflare, Eugenia Corrales, CEO of Nefeli, said: “By seamlessly integrating Nefeli’s multicloud networking capabilities into Cloudflare’s robust platform, businesses will be now able to easily connect and manage their cloud infrastructure with security and performance built in at scale." Dr. Scott Shenker, Co-founder and Chairman of Nefeli, also commented on the next chapter for Nefeli’s skilled team, stating: “That’s why I’m thrilled to see… bringing simplicity and scalability together to revolutionise multicloud networking.”.