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Commvault joins Business Avengers for sustainable development

Commvault has officially joined the Business Avengers coalition, which brings together 17 companies focused on contributing to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Collectively representing more than $500 billion in revenue and 900,000 employees, the Business Avengers will each address one of the goals and focus on raising awareness around different issues. Commvault’s goal is SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production.

The full lineup of Business Avengers includes: Arm, Avanti Communications, The Coca-Cola Company, Commvault, Diageo,, Mars Inc, Mastercard, Microsoft Corp., Nike, RB, SAP, Salesforce and Unilever.

Commvault CEO and president Sanjay Mirchandani says, “Joining forces with other global leaders as part of the Business Avengers Coalition is a perfect way to drive positive changes and help protect the environment.

“As a longtime advocate of combining science and technology to manage the carbon footprint, responsible consumption and production is an initiative that hits very close to home. We are excited to take part in this powerful consortium of leading companies.”

Commvault chief marketing officer Chris Powell says, “From powering an epic expedition to the South Pole through sustainable energy sources, to driving employee wide conservation and ‘plastics-free’ programmes, Commvault is no stranger to championing greener eco-friendly approaches to protecting the planet.”

"We are excited to join this dynamic, global effort, which brings together technology innovators, scientists, companies and non-governmental organisations to address ways specific industries can work to achieve the Global Goals set forth by every UN nation a few years ago," he says.

The Business Avengers initiative is being coordinated by Project Everyone, a team of communications and campaign specialists with the mission to raise the profile of The Global Goals for Sustainable Development, so that they stand the greatest chance of being achieved.

Project Everyone cofounder Gail Gallie says, “Commvault is showing its leadership and enthusiasm for protecting the environment at a time when the IT industry has surpassed the airline industry in terms of carbon footprint.”

"Commvault is leading by example to drive awareness on how innovation and technology can improve efficiencies in an environmentally-conscious way to better protect our planet. We look forward to working with Commvault to educate the world on how to use and produce energy in sustainable ways that will reverse the harm we have inflicted on the planet,” she says.

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