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Couchbase unveils Capella columnar service on AWS for real-time analytics
Thu, 30th Nov 2023

Cloud database platform company, Couchbase, has announced a new Capella columnar service on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The newly introduced service is set to empower organisations with real-time analytics to develop adaptive applications.

The fresh Capella columnar service integrates a columnar store and data into the Capella Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS). This innovative integration allows real-time data analysis on the same platform as operational workloads, enabling operational and real-time analytic applications to converge into a singular database platform. This revolutionary design facilitates the elimination of friction between analytics and operations, which is integral to delivering a superior customer experience.

Scott Anderson, SVP of product management and business operations at Couchbase, stated, “To gain a competitive advantage and accelerate business opportunities, organisations are investing in real-time, adaptive applications that are contextual, hyper-personalized and intelligent. Real-time analytics are paramount to delivering these adaptive applications, and AI is making them even better and more strategic.” He further added, “With columnar in our Capella DBaaS, for the first time organizations can easily build adaptive applications powered by real-time analytics in a single JSON-based platform. We are eliminating the latency gap that has forever existed between analytics and operational databases while making it easier for development teams to include the required real-time analytic measures into their adaptive applications.”

Quoting Forrester Research, the statement concluded: "Moving data from transactional systems to operational systems and then to analytical systems is a barrier to making better decisions faster. Disparate data stacks also compromise the delivery of timely data to various applications, operational systems and into the analytics workflow, resulting in missed business opportunities." In response to this, the new Capella columnar service offers users the ability to perform operational and real-time analytical processing with exceptional performance and speed within a uniquely architected platform. This results in a more seamless, high-quality experience for both the application and the user due to the absence of latency.

The new Capella columnar service introduces a multitude of benefits to customers, including enhanced agility and performance, real-time stream ingestion from enterprise data sources, ease of use for developers, and the reduction of complexity and cost. Significantly, the columnar service can rapidly scale to meet changing application or analytic needs by separating compute and storage, while the natural language-powered Capella iQ acts as a SQL++ co-pilot for accelerated coding.

Furthermore, the Capella columnar service combines operational and real-time analytics in one data platform, allowing customers to achieve more with Capella at a reduced total cost of ownership. This diminishes the necessity of absorbing the cost of one database platform for operational workloads and another for near-real-time analytics. Teams converting JSON data to traditional analytic databases will no longer need to go through a complex conversion process thanks to this innovative service.