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CrowdStrike announces imminent launch of Charlotte AI & Falcon for IT
Wed, 21st Feb 2024

CrowdStrike has confirmed the general availability of two leading security products, Charlotte AI and Falcon for IT. The cybersecurity firm's new products aim to merge security and IT resources, harnessing the capability of Generative AI (GenAI) to deliver the rapid organisation and coordination required to quash cybersecurity breaches within a single platform experience.

CrowdStrike regards these innovative products, along with new facets to Falcon Data Protection, as the answer to escalating, sophisticated cyber threats and the intensifying rate of attacks. The convergence of data, cybersecurity and IT, underpinned by GenAI and driven by workflow automation, is seen as the groundwork for a future-proof security platform. Enabling security and IT teams to seamlessly collaborate and apply swift protective measures against risk necessitates the capacity to rapidly convert data into insight. The most recent offerings from CrowdStrike aim to provide a unified Security and IT platform, capable of harnessing the power of GenAI.

CrowdStrike CEO and co-founder, George Kurtz, outlined the need for these progressive systems. He stated: "Stopping breaches requires Security and IT to work together to rapidly find and fix the many gaps that adversaries exploit. This is a long-standing problem that legacy products fail to solve. With generative AI as the foundation of the Falcon platform, we are unifying Security and IT by empowering teams to ask a question, answer it and take action on any IT issue, as easily as having a conversation, all from a single platform experience."

Charlotte AI brings the transformative power of conversational AI to businesses, with the capacity to convert hours of work into mere minutes or seconds, simplifying cybersecurity management and speeding up security outcomes.

Charlotte AI is designed to allow all analysts to swiftly ask questions, get plain-language answers and accelerate action through workflow automation. By employing a range of core AI models, Charlotte AI has demonstrated it can speed up inquiries into security posture by 75%, write queries 57% faster and increase the efficiency of tracking down cyber attackers by 52%.

Falcon for IT, was intentionally designed to utilise GenAI workflows via Charlotte AI, merging numerous use cases across Security and IT. This enables organisations to replace outmoded products with Falcon’s singular platform, thereby enhancing visibility, comprehension of risk, and consolidation of agents and products. Immediate actions can be applied across Security and IT with powerful, automated responses aiding faster troubleshooting, enforcement of compliance and prompt forensic investigations.

Falcon Data Protection aims to prevent GenAI data exposure, enabling organisations to adopt new AI technologies with confidence. Falcon Data Protection safeguards against data leakage when sensitive content is copied, pasted or uploaded to commercial GenAI tools online. Efficiency in navigating data inside zip files, even when nested, ensures corporate theft can be curtailed.