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CyberRes launches Galaxy, brings cyber threat intelligence to security execs

Thu, 13th Jan 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

CyberRes, a Micro Focus line of business, has launched ‘Galaxy', an immersive cyber threat experience designed to provide actionable and business-centric intelligence for security executives.

CyberRes Galaxy enables cyber professionals to gain visibility into pressing threats to their business and helps organisations secure their value chains so they can focus on driving business growth, the company states.

With CyberRes Galaxy, organisations can accelerate executive understanding of cyber risk, drive faster business risk decisions, and reduce the cost to deploy proactive cyber resiliency measures for their enterprise.

CyberRes Galaxy is a platform designed from the ground up to help CISOs, senior executives, and risk professionals eliminate the hyperbole and focus on what matters to their business, the company states.

It does this by tying individual users and their specific business risks to threats that they need to counter in order to ensure comprehensive cyber resiliency.

CyberRes Galaxy's Priority Intelligence Briefings (PIB) are accompanied by countermeasures that an organisation can deploy to secure its digital value chain.

Commenting on the current threat landscape and this latest release, John Delk, GM and SVP of CyberRes, says, “CyberRes Galaxy introduces an entirely new way for security executives to make sense of the threats facing their business by providing timely, focused, and relevant information that is easily accessible with deep insights, including potential annual loss expectancy and what actions can be taken to mitigate risk.

"As the growth of cyber crime continues to increase, security executives must be able to quickly identify the threats that are relevant to their organisation and focus on what matters most: protecting the business, detecting a changing risk surface, and evolving their security posture to adapt to a changing threat landscape.

According to the company, key customer value features and outcomes of CyberRes Galaxy include:

Drive efficiency and cost avoidance: Improving efficiency and reducing cost through filtering out the noise to businesses so cyber defence teams can focus on what matters. Using a registered profile, the platform will recommend threats that are important to the specific business risk.

Be better prepared: Galaxy enables customers to be better prepared by linking threats to their region, as well as major global events. For example, within Galaxy, you can ask about upcoming events in your region.

Understand business impact: Galaxy makes it possible to create a mapping of a user's business digital risk profile to the threats that are related to their unique environment. It does this by tying threat campaigns to the impacted geography, sector, digital, and business risk. Exposure is quantified in an annualised loss expectancy (ALE).

Drive action: Micro Focus customers can enhance the experience by integrating Galaxy directly into ArcSight for active cyber defence tied to their business requirements. This threat service enables ArcSight customers with actionable, industry-aligned cyber defence capability to limit exposure, drive timely actions, and drive better end-to-end visibility.

Communicate to the business: Galaxy includes a digital communications program to provide visibility of the role of cybersecurity to senior executives, corporate directors, and key business stakeholders.

Umang Handa, cybersecurity leader and partner, PwC, says, “The importance of cybersecurity and cyber resilience continues to grow for organisations, no matter their industry or region. With the major digital transformation that is happening at an unprecedented scale, cybersecurity and associated need for cyber resilience is set to expand.

"What the industry needs is a platform where leaders, CISOs, SecOps, ITOps, and internal auditing teams can get a full view of the latest threats, as well as insightful action plans for hardening their organisation's overall cyber defence.

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