15 Nov 2010
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Datacraft and McAfee partner for cloud security

Datacraft has done a deal with McAfee to launch a new software-as-a-service security platform in New Zealand.

Launching this week, the solutions are aimed at protecting enterprises from email and web-based threats in the cloud, before they can reach the corporate network.

Datacraft is currently offering this as a stand-alone service with the intent to extend it to one.govt and one.biz in the near future.

Two complementary security services will be delivered in the cloud (McAfee SaaS Email Security and McAfee SaaS Web Security), meaning that there’s no hardware or software involved which should keep costs down.

Phil Goodwin, General Manager - Marketing at Datacraft, explained, “This partnership brings significant value to the New Zealand government and business markets and builds on the value that Datacraft can bring through our global relationships with our key partners such as McAfee.

“Where traditionally service providers have modified commercial software to fill the gap in security, our partnership with McAfee has enabled us to produce a service developed from the ground-up to address the security needs of New Zealand business.”

Richard Bowman, Director, Security as a Service at McAfee, added, “The key advantage of this is that is can be implemented almost immediately, with zero hardware costs and minimal on-going operational requirements. It can also increase overall security since it allows businesses to put their focus on where it is needed, and have McAfee specialists with global experience help them maximise their security capabilities.”

Datacraft is currently the only McAfee Service Provider partner in New Zealand.

Pictured: Phil Goodwin, General Manager – Marketing, Datacraft (left) with Richard Bowman, Director - Security as a Service, McAfee

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